25 Oct 2014

Time Passes


 Tank top: Uniqlo |  Shorts & baseball long shirt: StepForwardStyle | Beanie: Cotton On| Sneakers: Adidas 

It has been the longest time since I am here. It's turning into fall right now in Hong Kong, but it is still quite hot and humid here. I love throwing on something easy and breezy items like this short-sleeve baseball long shirt which is a good layering piece. I wear all-white and body-hugging outfit underneath to make the shirt even pop out more. I wear a blue-green beanie so I am not too black-and-white and it also keeps my hair in place. That's a perfect tomboyish outfit for for fall in Hong Kong.


6 Sep 2014

Lazy days

Lazy days with those lazy outfits. T-shirt and shorts are my go-to items when I am running late for school. They are so comfortable but still effortlessly chic if I wear in the 'right' way which I mean fit me and suit me. A wine red boxy crop tee and the white high-waisted shorts are the best combination for me in a casual day. I flow on the pair of high-top Nike with hidden heel inside to make the outfit put together.


5 Sep 2014

Couple Style #3

Summer Couple Lookbook!! We have the couple sandals for this summer! The same couple style principle is applied for these looks - matching a kind of element. Using the the same colour theme, I am wearing the sky blue feather earrings to match with the white and blue stripe tank top that my boy is wearing. And we keep other items simple and in a plain and soft colour to create the subtlely sweet couple outfit.

Step & Tommy