10 Mar 2015


好像中文較親切 不知道這裡丟空了那麼久 還會有人來看嗎?
這幾個月都提不起勁 忙學校的 忙家裡的 忙小店的 。
日後會有很多時間在這裡打滾 分享平日的穿搭 還有 會上載小店@stepforwardstyle的圖片。
請大家 繼續多多支持!


  因為這個月份天氣清涼 是遠足郊旅的好季節。

   因為這個月份滋潤不乾 是花兒開花結果的時間。

三月 春天的溫度 適合配襯不同造型。 

 冬天的衣服跟夏天的互相交替 締造層次感。

黑色高領針織上衣 質料很柔軟 輕身卻能保暖 單穿一件便足夠了。 

配襯白色直間半身裙子 黑白配永不過時 腰間的皺摺的小細節 徒添幾 分少女氣質。

當不少得我的標誌 灰色圓頂闊邊帽子呢!

看看這小短片 有多點搭配細節。


可以到我的小店逛逛 內裡有售以上的單品。

27 Nov 2014

Sky Blending

The sky was so beautiful in the past few days. That's the pale sky blue with a hint of sun-orange in it. So I decided to wear with the sky, wearing the light blue and white stripe button-up and the high-waisted shorts from StepForwardStyle. My hair reflects the reddish-orange light ray from the sun who was going back home.  This combination of colour on my body takes the sky theme to the next level.

16 Nov 2014

Couple Style #4

On me- Dress: Monki BackPack: Forever 21 White Sock: M&S Sneakers: Adidas Floral Crown: Topshop Watch: Casio
On my boy- Sweater: Forever 21 Shorts: Cotton On Sneakers: Reebok Hat: Topshop

Black & White are the main theme of couple style this time. It is super easy to style. Just randomly pick the pieces in your closet in black and white and it never goes wrong. But we still have some tricks for these outfits.  We choose different texture and pattern to layer the black and white pieces. That can give a distinct definition of the items on our body.  In our outfits, although they are both black and white, we add some accessories to show our personality, character and the mood on that day and they still match. I wear a feminine floral crown to match with the black straw hat of my boy.
Step & Tommy